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Preparing for grace

If you've ever experienced a cranial sacral treatment you will know how a subtle intention can realign the crankiest congestion. I want to share a motivation of a very real feeling that I had a visit from Grace last week. I want to translate it into action for you. 

1. Subtle vs gross

Dr Svoboda did a lecture once that stayed permanently fixed in my brain bank, and it was about omens. He ventured that if you learn to look for the omens you don't need horoscopes. In general, when you can see, when your peripheral is wide open you get to catch stuff. We might all have blind spots in areas of our lives that need a good ol' rock bottom 3x6 bop on the head. The tricky part of that kind of lesson is that it can go either way - either you rise up and over the heavy duty dilemma or you ignore it via addictions and distractions. It's a harder road because it's a grosser lesson.

However, if you have been so fortunate as to be introduced to the subtle art of self realisation, then my goodness it seems the easier way to go. The more you practise the wider your periphery to pick up the signs, the less bruises on your head.

The reasons we do a daily cleanse of our senses in Ayurveda is for this reason. So they work FOR you, so you get to hold the reins. To be pulled by the senses is back in the gross lesson arena. 

2. The true magnitude of yoga

So few teachers talk on the magic part of yoga. It doesn't even matter whether it has been exploited to the point of an aerobics class, but what I feel fails short is the daily discussion of yoga off the mat. I imagine there are all these incredible anecdotes that are floating like thought bubbles over students' heads but they are not putting the two together.

When you sit with Dr Lad he talks mostly on meditation. You do his pulse workshop and it's meditation. You ask him about how  to heal and he will reference meditation as part of the protocol (for those he thinks are ready). I observed this man smell disease in a patient. I saw him determine BPM without a timer. His senses are so honed it's an Olympic sport.

In my video I had quite the profound experience last week. I can only attribute it to my daily practise. I can't impel to you enough the very real need to do this for yourselves. There is great potential in healing if you set the scene. There are so many subtle guides out there but you need to see them.

3. Find your rhythm and do it every damn day.

The formula is this (I reckon) - 
Choose something you like. Choose a god or not, choose a mantra or not, choose a dance routine or not. Choose something and do it daily. Do it as part of the gratitude you feel for being here. Do it daily because you are not alone. Do it daily because by opening this door you open the capacity in yourselves to be of service to others. 

How can happiness not be service to others? Everything you are doing is for them. As women we are here to serve, it is our superpower. Water yields and conquers the earth. 

So each morning prepare yourself for grace, the ultimate feminine power. 

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