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Your new beginning

The lovely sweetness of January 1st is upon us. It makes us feel like we can start again. I was observing the generic nature of this new beginning and thought how the act of starting should also be a personal thing. 

1. One thing I don't mention in the video is Vikruti

When there's Vata buzzing around you like flies, it might feel overwhelming, no matter when, to begin. You may not be able to see your Prakruti when Vikruti is the altar ego that has taken over. At least you might be able to understand when your Vikruti has appeared. This is part of your journey - to know YOUR personal Vikruti warning bells. I like Liz Gilberts rendition in her book "Big Magic" when she describes the car ride she takes with FEAR. How she lets her sit in the back but not the front seat. So yeah, if your Vikruti is in the front seat then that should be the first thing to attend always, and IDEALLY when the dosha at question is not in the same season. Example, please deal with long standing Pitta in Winter not Summer  - just makes for a harder time resolving it when it's right there in your face. But do the best you can.

2. How to create and think through that big picture project

  • This is dosha related. I know when it's Spring in Melbourne, that because of the erratic nature of the weather and the wind, I am just doing my best to calm Vata down. I am not thinking of the next greatest idea to manifest. There can be a tendency to have the mad ideas appear to match the mad weather, and if you're on top of your approach well enough, you might just jot them down and wait until the wind subsides to create an approach to see them through. When it's consistent weather and ideally has a moist component to it in the air and a little warm your nervous system will help you to sit still long enough to show some  output.
  • For Pitta, the sheer inflammation of the summer means you might have these bright, visionary ideas  but the sheer annoyance of the heat, the traffic, might make you overly critical on your self and your ability to even begin. Cooler weather clears your head and helps you to think clearly.
  • Kapha the hot dry days are your friend. You should take advantage here. Conversely, the heaviness of winter will make you not care and you might have that desire to crawl in a hole feeling and say few words. You are unlikely to conceive of an idea anyways without your chosen leader, so maybe the right words here are to be wary of following a Vata or Pitta leader above when they are not in their right environment.


3. Monthly productivity of breaking big things into small things.

Ladies follow your cycle! Ideally you might have figured out how not to be on the birth control pill so you are in tune with your reproductive area. When are you most recharged? Can you squeeze a bunch more stuff in then and ease up when you need to rest? Challenging since we are following a man's linear cycle. Hasn't been working for us, as far as I can see. Grab your calendars and take that big idea you want to start in 2018, home, work, travel, whatever. And create mini tasks around the monthly productive areas. For Vata consistency purposes you can add a tiny daily agenda, but focus on decision making, research, calling and interacting with others, etc on those marked productive days.

Here's to clear beginnings. Here to strong foundations. Nothing works without it.

With love.

Preparing for grace

Dropping the ball