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Dropping the ball


Another thought I had on menopause is that you can practise mini pauses during transition times in your day and by season. Each time there is a change in something, practise the art of sitting still to counter the act of Vata. Watch whether you have control over being pulled by Vata or whether you can see her coming (like a tornado) and side step her as she blows past. 

Pro tip - do breathwork before sunrise breaks and you will get better at the above.

Meditation is retirement. Most people don't retire very well, they seem to get more amped up. If you are able to cultivate small habits in your day of going low when the energy is high then you will have learned how to work through the last stage of life.

Dementia is Vata dosha. They say it's on the increase. Just learn to rest and do less. It's not more complicated then that.


I know my period is coming when I drop things, like pens and my hair shampoo in the shower. I was thinking of the term "dropping the ball" recently and thought that if you ever use the word for yourself, stop everything and manage Vata. 

Vata can't hold onto things - literal objects as well as relationships, thoughts and a new persons' name. There is a dispersing quality to Vata that allows things to move quickly in, but sadly out the door as well. This is excellent for trauma and such since you're already onto the next drama but terrible for manifestation since the earth requires you to place things down on it.

You might notice Vata people's hands - they are delicate and non grasping. In comparison to a Kapha's hands that don't move much but act almost like a robot in a factory - pick up, put down. Kapha does not have the impulses jittering it about like our poor delicate flower the Vata princess. She is not cut out for labour. She is cut out for flamenco dancing.

Pro tip - you can't force Vata, no chance. Like Mark Twain recommended on removing bad habits by coaxing them gently down the stairs, you must be kind if you want her to get her act together. This is where you might read those woman-ly style blog write ups of "be gentle to yourself" as that is perfect for Vata dosha. (side note - Pitta shouldn't be more gentle, they should have fun, and Kapha should absolutely not be gentle, they should get the hell of the couch!).

When the life force has gone out of Vata she turns dull in palor and in personality - she almost disappears. Colour in food and environment are great medicines here. Let the world come to her for a chance and circulate it's wares as she calmly sits and observes. I like the idea of watching a foreign film in golden colour light  in an old cinema with cosy seats. It won't hurt her digestion and will leave her imagination satiated. It is a lovely thing how the magic of a good flick can make you feel a part of the world at large. Since vata has the ether component that tends towards loneliness, I think this is a good remedy for her.

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