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The end of your menstrual life


We talked last week on your cycle and being present at the end of something. I have noticed that there is this idea of getting through something, to the other side, but when we find ourselves at that side, we disconnect. Possibly because we're tired from the journey, or we feel comfortable. In any case, as mentioned last week in the review on the end of the period, you can take advantage of this space to determine how you will begin a month. 

If you follow any kind of astrology online you might notice they all mention new moon energy as beginning energy. However, most of us don't start our period on the new moon. Maya Tiwari, Ayurvedic physician, believes we should. Dr Claudia Welch says don't worry about it, just find your personal rhythm.

I believe in both. Start with Dr Welch, refine with Maya Tiwari.

Get into the habit of being observant when something ends and something begins.


The end of a cycle. That's all it is. The fact that we view it as a disease is heart breaking. It is the end of being a procreating woman, you are essentially free to form yourself however you want - you did your earthly job (perhaps, perhaps not, irrelevant) and now you can complete the circle to the new generation.

In Ayurveda we consider that the way you experience your menstrual cycle will be how you experience menopause. You are given mini opportunities to prepare for the life change. 

It is a thinner time because you are entering Vata phase of your life. The good news is you should be able to hear your intuition better than ever, the bad news is, if you're full of junk then your crappy stuff gets magnified. Menopause is just the body readjusting just like the Spring cold is adjusting from Winter. If you haven't kept your digestive fire high in the Winter and adjusted to cleansing foods in the Spring then the body creates allergies to remove the offensive matter stuck in the tissues.

During menopause, it's essentially the same idea.

The most important thing to know is that irrespective of what dosha you think you are, Vata is at play here -  She is magnifying the deep seated doshas. So in essence, more than ever, you need to relax and you need to have a calm routine.

This is the most simple and probably the hardest for women to hear. Since Vata is represented by movement, when she goes out of balance she starts moving even quicker, scrambling to try and get herself to order, only to scramble even more. And like a strong wind outside, it is best to let it ride itself out, and on a calm day get to work to create a sense of calm in yourself.

Your hot flush is excessive wind. Stop drinking coffee and avoid alcohol since we consider alcohol has the qualities of sukshma and therefore will take whatever you have going on and penetrate it deeper into the tissues (this is why we use herbs with alcohol for that same reason - it can wheedle itself through the cracks). Alcohol also disturbs sleep and when Vata is out of balance you need the dense-ness of sleep to calm her down. Caffeine robs from the adrenals and over stimulates (more wind).

Items can be reintroduced when the storm as passed.

This is an exciting time to come into your greatest transition as a woman - totally unbound - and it's a good thing to have your eyes wide open.

If you are in a position to do so, go to India and do a pancha karma. It's costly and you need about 3 weeks but it removes the build up of dosha and will make for a great transition. God willing, I hope to make it next year myself. 

In this heat remember the coconut oil on soles of feet trick in the evening to pull the heat down. On the same idea, walk on wet grass barefoot in the morning to rejuvenate you. Do not walk on asphalt barefoot as the soles are connected to the eyes and will ruin your vision.

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