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The end of your period


Circulation of heat. I was in two accidents this week, nothing major except one could have been and I took a day to recover from the shock. I spoke last week about the idea of heat circulating and I can feel it swirling on Melbourne roads. Look in the windows of cars and see the strain people wear daily. It's sad.

When you think Ayurvedically you're always in a position of counteract. Vata is movement and time. It's always there. Dr Svoboda says you can cure Pitta and Kapha but you can only manage Vata. Knowing that, knowing you can never sit still with a healing protocol, I advise always being in a state of ready.

Keep rose water in the car and make sure to listen to soothing music. Podcasts are ok but be sure not to get wound up. Information gathering in an already feisty environment adds to Pitta dosha. Sing. If you don't have time for pranayama sing. In fact it's better than a yoga class because you will tend to exhale more on a note than when doing rhythmic breathing.

Anyways, loving this heat.


I just finished my period which was excellent. It has been awhile since I had a good flush. The rise in heat, some letting go, some playtime and I feel good. I thought it would be good to muse on this space, the end of a period I know few people think about. 

From an Ayurvedic perspective Vata has moved downward strongly taking with it lining, blood and probably feces and excessive urine with it. You may notice your muscles slump a little post period. You may also notice your mood feel a little slow and you can't run on the power battery like usual. 

There could be two aspects to this.

If there is excessive Vata coming into the period, you could be in a state of regeneration. Movement takes energy and for the fragile folks out there REST is an absolute requirement during this phase. Poor Vata mismanages their energy resource the worst. And yes, we are all susceptible to it. If you haven't moderated yourself during this time, you will start your month off sluggish and possibly more fragile and open to pathogens. 

The other reason is an excess of Kapha. These jolly folks probably didn't even feel a twinge that their period was coming. They were able to do all the things they wanted to and probably felt better from the release of excess water in their system. Now conversely, if they did not move around enough during the end of the period, they might find themselves feeling heavy.

The end of your period is the beginning of the building phase of your cycle. It's the Kapha time in the morning coming into midday. It's that space that, if you sleep in past sunrise, you feel heavy and sluggish for taking on the Kapha qualities of the day.

It's when insomniacs sleep best and when vata folks feel slow and good post menstruation.

So you must define your relationship to the concept of building.

Do you need substance in your life or do you need to remove substance?

If you need building, learn to take the slow cue from this time and see whether you can moderate a PACE in some part of your life. If you don't need building, get up early, get moving, get active and move against the strong tide to want to feel heavy and inert.

But as usual, you must know the true dosha at play. Being a little chubby might be the result of Vata not Kapha.

The end of your period is an opportunity to begin again. You are effectively starting the tone for how your month will play out similar to how your morning routine affects you for the day.You are your own business plan. It's unwise to create a reactive rhythm because in that situation you are at the behest of outside influence. 

So many folks react out of anger, suicide, anorexia because of a feeling of lack of control. The way you begin a cycle will help you to feel in control.

I'd like you to mark your calendar (as close as you can) to the end of your period and write one thing that would START your month right. This is a women's secret we haven't been utilising.

Be well, look outside and notice something interesting in the cracks of the day.

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