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The rise in heat

Let's talk about heat in a different way - the circulation of heat.

I was considering how much more social I feel at the moment. I can literally feel the blood moving through me and with it the ability to connect via heat with another. That sounded dirty :) I meant that heat is expanding and cold is restricting. So one of the benefits of heat is the movement outward of energy. You will be able to feel others more easily. For the cold constricted channels of Vata dosha and the heavy murky stagnant waters of Kapha dosha, this gives you the opportunity to OPEN UP. That means expression. What you held in before, you can open up to now.

You may have gone through a period of containment, well now it's the time to (literally) shine. Don't be afraid of new projects, voicing new ideas, going out and meeting new people. You are ripe for it.

Conversely Ms Pitta, you are not. The cold weather has a containment element that ensures the heat doesn't turn into a dictatorship - my way!!!!! Dr Lad tells us that Pitta out of balance has a mad desire to SPREAD their name and fame (like a rash). This will turn into an inflammatory condition within (macro/micro).

And inflamed personalities lose the support of others, like your inflamed internal channels will stop supporting you. Compassion is like cool soothing aloe vera gel and should be applied liberally.

Melbourne just did an about turn and the spirit of the land just shifted. So right now look around you and determine your next plan of action, because it needs to look different from last week.


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