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The management accounting of your product/service

I wrote an article called The Black Hole of your Accounting Books. It's a little of my experience working in the accounting field and observing the "disease" of corporations and how similar it is to the persons that manage the company. It has been such an interesting evolution to now be looking at my past through an Ayurvedic lens - I have a bigger perspective on my experience.

If you have a business you might want to check it out, and if not, you might find similarities in how you manage your home. Either way, I would like to expand on the ideas I presented below and I want to make it more fun, because the A word is worse than the C word.

Management Accounting is a way to tell the story of your product. I chose the photo specifically because it's such a "story-style" product. You can imagine the kind of store that sells it. You might even imagine who the people are, and you kind of hope whoever made the jam/condiments lives in a house like that table and has a big kitchen window and good looking kitchenware. You might hope it's a woman that made it, who you could talk to for AGES. It's all so appealing because you can see yourself making these but you just don't have the time, so you'd like to support her.

This is what marketing would like you to do with your offer - find your niche demographic that is pretty close to who you are - because you (should) know yourself best.

Ok Part 1 is done and sometimes this is the only place we go to, other than taxes, as a small business owner.

Part 2 is a little more confronting.

Imagine you spread the story out and added up the time and cost for that story to unfold. Imagine within that story the relationship with the label supplier was unreliable and caused a large lag between orders, where you couldn't fill the shop's request on time. And maybe the ingredients were not always available. You just called randomly and hoped. Perhaps you had friends helping you, or your kids, or your friends kids, but they let you down now and then. And then the cost of the bottles went up as well as the shipping rates but the retail price was already set for the year.

I will stop because I'm depressing myself....the other story is better no?

Now let's dig deeper. Because maybe the first story is a small business all dreaming and full of love for their offering. And the second story is big business, with their established accounting department who will now look for cheap slave labour in China to make the product happen (ref: Shark tank). 

But you guys are going to have an extra edge because you will get to know your inherent constitution (the secret key). Add a third part to the story.

Imagine if you realised your own tendency to let yourself down and be erratic with your routine. Maybe your own system is not working as efficiently and your attention is all over the place. And because of that, things seem to take longer than usual and there is a lack of flow. Perhaps you're not sleeping well and cultivating the act of "letting go". There might be something greater trying to tell you something that you can't hear in the busy-ness.

For instance. 

Which way would you tackle her problems? More Instagram photos for greater volume? More phone calls to the suppliers to sort out the issues? More personal downtime to re-set?

It's a gamble, this approach. I'm going to need case studies in time because it goes against everything we have been taught in business and society in general but I believe it should be part of how we teach business plans. I have seen too many strung out business ladies (of late) and there has to be a classier way to do this busy-ness thing. Growing old and stressed out looking doth not serve us.

Ok phew, a big one. Next week I'm going to ruffle your feathers (and your belief systems) about your gender because my feisty pants are pulled up high.

ps if you want to comment on your business I will reply here

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