Sandra Radja CAS PKS AYT

It took a major life change and a new obsession with Yoga to send me to India for a year in 2003. 

I volunteered in an orphanage setting up a goat rearing system (another story), spent time in monastery in Nepal learning about the wise ways of Buddhism, meditated for 10 days, all day, in silence, did a yoga teacher training (Sivananda) and in that time found myself a job working for a Buddhist non-profit in New Mexico, USA.  This was the beginning of the next phase of my life.

In the US I came across Ayurveda, which aligned perfectly with my training in Yoga and was finally the context I had been looking for, in not only my yoga training (I suffered sciatic nerve pain from an intense stint in hot yoga) but all those questions I had as a teenager – finally I understood and could take responsibility for my health!

I studied the foundation of clinical practice (CAS), body therapies (PKS) and Ayurvedic Yoga training (AYT) at the California College of Ayurveda, did a Gurukula program with Dr Vasant Lad in Pune (India), spent time learning the south Indian body therapies in an Ayurvedic eco hospital called Vaidyagrama and I mentor with Dr Claudia Welch annually, who specializes in women’s health.  I am learning all the time with the many wonderful teachers that have taken the core teachings from the Ayurvedic classical texts and adapted it to today. 

My teacher says it best.  Ayurveda can be explained not just as complementary medicine but contextual medicine, meaning I can now look back on my life and see the diet and lifestyle, or context, that caused my issues.  Ayurveda can help to explain the root cause of disease.  I have travelled the world and seen many things but the unfolding of my clients to better health trumps all – it is the greatest honour to be part of someone’s healing and to create a space they feel comfortable in.  And personally, I feel better and actually look better than I ever have.  

In love and light, Sandra



And thank you from the bottom of my heart. You, your space, Ayurveda and Castlemaine have been such an anchor to me this year. I want to say it's been the shittish of years and then I think about my Fridays and inspiring conversations and delicious meals with you, yoga at dawn and the pure joy of discovering a new language and way of being. I think sometimes you need to break down structures in the most dramatic way to build again from the ground up. You're the bomb and the work you do is life changing.

~ Beth Cregan, Client, Melbourne, VIC

Learning from Sandra was incredible and helped me uncover all my own wisdom.  She gave me the skills and knowledge and I just had to have a go and wow!!! I have had huge changes in all areas of my life.  When there are times that I don't eat well, rest or listen to my body, I have the ability now to pause and notice what is not working for me and then reset because of what Sandra taught me so well.  I feel so blessed that we crossed paths and I had the honour of working with Sandra, to know myself better.

~ Bronwyn Peterson, Client, Castlemaine, VIC

I have recently completed a 7 day ayurvedic cleanse with Sandra. This was a potent experience for me. I emerged feelingbalanced and energised and excited about continuing my new morning routine.

Sandra's depth of knowledge and skill, as well as her passion and commitment is inspiring. She is a great mentor for me to continue to deepen my understanding of an ayurvedic lifestyle. She also brings a western perspective to her practice which somehow helps me integrate the teachings.

~ Annie Jones, Ayurvedic Cleanse, Castlemaine, VIC

My first shirodhara experience was with Sandra at The She Oak and it was truly a tranquil experience which left me feeling calm and revitalised. The She Oak space is held with calm and  beautiful fragrances making it easy to feel open and relaxed and really get the most out of your treatment.  Highly recommended!

~ Carlena D'Arma, client, Castlemaine, VIC

Ayurveda has become a drawstring that has tied everything together.

~ Penny Larkins, client, Castlemaine, VIC

The course had a lovely feeling of being able to make mistakes and to be honest without being judged.

~ Shiralee Linforth-Brown, Ayurveda Intro Workshop, Castlemaine, VIC

I would highly recommend Sandra as a holistic health practitioner, for both acute conditions as well as preventative/self care practices.  She is very knowledgeable and imparts her knowledge with fun and enthusiasm. What I love about her approach is that she integrates the principles of ayurveda into our every day complex lives with both compassion and passion. Since working with her through a spring cleanse, I now have an ayurvedic daily self-care routine, which is supporting and changing my health and life in sustainable ways.  I can see why they call it yoga’s sister science, as it was the missing ingredient to my yoga practice.   

~ Jane Mallick (Yoga teacher & Coach), Ayurvedic Cleanse, Castlemaine, VIC

I am so excited to say I only had a mild cold as we transitioned into spring (I don’t usually do it that well). I’m making small steps using what you have taught me and slowly I am gaining a healthier me. Yay!

~ Selina Wilson, Ayurveda Intro Workshop, Castlemaine, VIC

Don't change your style, it's great, and people know you're a serious practitioner who you go and see when you want to shift something. So many health service people only really give lip service and don't really care about how you're using their advice. You care! And you know how to shift stuff. You have changed my life is so many ways! Everything is so different for me since I met you. And I tell anyone who wants to hear how fucking amazing you are and that you know your stuff. You are truly an inspirational human being.

~ Sharyn Robinson, Client, Castlemaine, VIC

I'm not much into the latest health kick, fad, fashion or miracle drug/herb. But I have finally discovered something that I can understand it's merit on an experiential level. And I hope it does become widely used as it boasts not manipulation, but ownership of one's health. While I continue to struggle pronouncing some of these methods, I am continuing them well beyond my initial and invaluable series of consultations, because they make sense to my entire being and I feel extremely much better as a point of general health as well as learning and therefore being more at peace and acceptance with myself. There is a notable difference to the flow, personal energy and emotional balance of the days that start with Ayurveda than that of those that don't, should I miss my morning routine. 

It's not hocus pocus, it's not weird (though occasionally offering a healthy challenge to the otherwise norms of our societal conditioning), it is not cult like, it's not even that expensive - it IS good and effective, on a holistic and rewarding level. Sandra is an exceptional, down to earth practitioner with a pretty funny bedside manner which altogether encourages ones own greater investigation to their better becoming with age. In fact, I am already rewinding my years. Musicians are fairly well accepted as being grubby, unkempt, lifestyle lazy, time-worn, indulgent and not particularly pretty. I am now so beautiful and vibrant, I'm moving into television :)


~ Carl Pannuzzo, Client, Castlemaine, VIC

Ayurveda allowed me to take control of my personal health and well-being.  However, it asked me to actively participate and guide my own healing, which sounded so daunting. Luckily, we all have been gifted a road map in our doshic makeup, which led me back to the compass of my body.  It is from this centeredness that I have found I can live authentically and in line with my nature; and that is what "well-being" means for me.  Ayurveda is life alignment, powered by you.

~ Jessica Peterson, Client, Portland, OR

Hi Sandra,
It was great to meet you and wonderful to work with you. I’m so happy that you are a part of my healthy, happy journey. I’m very impressed with your health care technique. I have never before worked with someone who took such great pains to cover every aspect of my being, literally. Your ayurveda methods address each and every facet of human health, from the physical to emotional, mental, lifestyle, diet, family, passions, homelife and even my pet! And it makes so much sense because it is of course all connected and all will play a part in my journey. I’m also impressed that you were able to intuit several things about me that I didn’t tell you! You have such passion for your work and make it seem almost effortless. I have never had a practitioner as thorough and comprehensive as you have been. I’m very sad that you are leaving, but so very grateful to have met you. Thank You. With Love, Debbie

~ Debbie McKay, Client, Portland, OR

Ayurveda has made the biggest impact on my life through my daily routine.  I used to hit the snooze button until the last possible moment, procrastinating starting my day.  Now I wake up at 6 am most mornings without an alarm. The morning routine, which I will be honest I am still learning and changing to fit me, has made my life so much more balanced.  Through Ayurveda I have learned to love myself and the journey.  Because Ayurveda isn't a quick fix it has been a bit challenging. But the changes that happen start from within, it's like you have this aha moment. I thought to myself this is good, this is change I can feel and see! Unlike the other programs I have taken part in, Ayurveda is change that sticks.  It is slow change but its not going anywhere.  The routines I have started I plan on doing the rest of my life.  Its something that may take a bit longer but is a beautiful process. I have created myself,. I'm not saying I'm perfect, no where near actually, but I can say that I love myself, and really mean it and actually believe it now.  

~ Chalice Stroebe, Client, Portland, OR

Through Ayurvedic consultations with Sandra, I have shifted fundamental habits in my daily life that caused imbalance and stress. I have more energy and sense of purpose. These changes have helped me to feel resilient, focused, inspired, and healthy--revealing more of my true self.

~ Sayre Herick, Client, Portland, OR

The logical progression of topics made it very easy to understand.  And the homework allowed us to integrate and try what we learned.  And the interactive discussion....all fantastic! 

 ~ Dina Stanzione "Ayurveda for Yogis" Spring 2013 course, Portland, OR

Your voice is pleasant.  What you teach has wisdom and experience and is very easy to comprehend and implement into my life.  The homework was fun and you were funny!

~ Sabrina Hicks "Ayurveda for Yogis" Spring 2013 course, Portland, OR

I was a patient of Sandra’s’ when she was a CAS intern at the California College of Ayurveda starting in the fall of 2010.  Working with Sandra was definitely a pivotal part of my spiritual and health journey. Although I was also a student of Ayurveda at the time, I learned so much from Sandra.   She helped me to look at things in a different light, and always explained things in such a clear, concise and creative way. I was very impressed by her dedication to me and the amount of time and effort she put into each one of our visits.  She pushed me when I needed pushing, and she listened to me when I needed a kind ear.  She helped me to look deeper into who I am as a woman and a creative being, and also helped me to implement many new health practices, many of which I carry with me today.  Sandra is a strong, confident, yet compassionate woman who loves to help others reach a greater state of balance in their lives.  I will always treasure our time together.

~ Brianne LaFriniere,  Client, Nevada City, CA

~ Penny Larkins, client, Castlemaine, VIC